IL mio primo volo …in Lituania

Kaunas, Lithuania, May 2019 On Saturday afternoon, last year; me, Angelo and Mariangela with our teacher went to Lithuania for the Erasmus project. We took the airplane in the afternoon and we arrived there in the evening. Our private “mini-bus” took us to Kaunas, the city of our erasmus friends.My hosting student’s name is Mikas and … Leggi tutto IL mio primo volo …in Lituania

An unforgettable experience!

Erasmus+ LTT2 Poland, Gliwice 30th sept/06th Oct 2018 An unforgettable experience! Hi, I'm Roberto! My week in Poland was a very interesting week, full of joys, friendships and even disappointments. I met a lot of people thanks to this experience, people that I had the chance to meet again during the Italian mobility, and with … Leggi tutto An unforgettable experience!

My experience of Istanbul

Erasmus+ - Istanbul 07/04/2019 | 13/04/19 -Project title: “Cooperative School Networks in Key Skills for a sustainable and successful career” I think that an experience of this kind,besides being told, it should be lived. I left for this new and first experience with a lot of anxiety, with the fear of not being able to … Leggi tutto My experience of Istanbul

Discovering Istanbul

The fourth mobility of  the Erasmus+ project, took place in Istanbul from 7th to 13th April, 2019. It’s been a great opportunity for our students and teachers from Salvemini  school  to experience a unique and intensive week of exploration into the history and magic of Istanbul, and , of course, also a great chance  to … Leggi tutto Discovering Istanbul

Clock Stop

Il 4 maggio 2018 nella nostra scuola viene presentata l'anteprima del festival internazionale di musica di improvvisazione, CLOCK STOP. CLOCK STOP, giunto alla sua 4°edizione, curato da M. Magliocchi (art director della manifestazione)  e promosso da 3 associazioni , White Noise Generator , TrackZero Music Innovation Lab , Eliogabalo Circolo Arci Fasano, sceglie per il … Leggi tutto Clock Stop